My podcast

You may not remember – I know I had kind of forgotten about it – that a couple of months ago, I was asked to interview with someone from Workamper News who does podcasts for Workampers. Yesterday, I got an email from him with a link to the completed podcast. I wrote to ask if I could share it on my website and he just gave me permission to do so. Hopefully, this will work for you…

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The LA Times story by John Glionna

Those of you who have been with me for a while will remember that last summer when we were working in Door County, a reporter named John Glionna and a photographer named Francine Orr came out from the LA Times to tag along with us, interview us, and photograph us.  One thing and another came along and the story was put off.  John just wrote to me to ask if I’d seen the story online. Continue reading

Work and play

In the business class this morning, we went over making a business plan.  I was so inspired that after class I drove to Walmart and got some supplies.  Steve said it should look nice, with pictures that illustrate what we plan to do.  I got a notebook, some page protectors, and some scrapbooking materials.  I made the cover before lunch, the title page after lunch, and worked on a brief resume for Mark and me.  Here are pictures: Continue reading

First day of school

This morning I went with Mark to the first session of his class.  When I said the RV and Workamper News car belonged to Terry Cooper, I was wrong.  They belong to the president of, Steve Anderson.  Terry Cooper and his wife, whom everyone calls Lady E, are in a fifth wheel right next to Steve and his wife. Continue reading

From Canton, TX

Mark has told me that when he was a long-haul trucker, he never made it through Austin without going through stop-and-go traffic.  There was even a time when it took him three hours to get through Austin.  This being Sunday, we decided to get up early and try to get through Austin before noon. Continue reading