From Milwaukee , WI

Mark and I have been trying to donate our old RV to Make a Wish for the last month, but every tow company they have tried to have come and pick it up has decided they couldn’t get it for some reason. We finally had to sign the title and leave it and the keys in the glove compartment. Hopefully, it will be gone by the time we get home next spring!

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Camping World is here

Camping World has come to Wagon Trail Campground for several days.  We had forgotten this was happening and this evening Mark and I were in our RV when we started hearing voices.  Then we heard music and I said to Mark, “It sounds like there’s a television on near us.”  We finally realized it was the evening of entertainment on Camping World’s agenda, so I took my camera and headed up to check it out. Continue reading

Final days of school

I didn’t get a chance to mention that all of us women were invited over to the Cooper’s RV yesterday afternoon for a “Kitchen class”.  I had no idea what a kitchen class would be.  They have a brand new Redwood and it’s very fancy but out of our price range.  The kitchen class mostly consisted of showing off various features of the kitchen.  Then one of the women changed the subject to questions she had about this week of training and things got a lot more interesting.  I learned more from that discussion than I did from the class. Continue reading