Long day

Mark’s class ended late last evening due to his final exam.  We didn’t actually make it to our lot in Kerrville until after 1:00am, and we didn’t pull inside the gate.  We didn’t hook up to electricity, we didn’t have any propane, and we didn’t have any water.  It was very cold last night.

This morning we had to get up early to go down to San Antonio for a meeting.  This time all the rehires joined us newbies.  Turns out one of the rehires is a couple we worked with in Oklahoma a couple summers ago.  It was interesting to visit with them.  They had gone back to work at Marval Resort this last summer as assistant managers and left early because of the same manager that treated me poorly when I worked there.  They said that six other couples also quit.  I felt vindicated!

In the meeting this morning we were given more information and had a chance to practice on the cash registers.  It’s going to be very confusing, especially since one of the keys hasn’t been programmed correctly.  Elaine said she’d contact the programmer and have her call each of us and talk us through how to fix that key.  That should be interesting.

We were sent home around lunch time with cars full of stuff for the job.  Mark and I still had to get the RV inside the gate when we got to Kerrville and we also needed to find propane and water.  I went into the furniture shop that we’re in the parking lot of, and they helped us find a place that would sell us some propane.  The folks in there were happy to hear that we are finally here, and they took our phone numbers so that they can refer people to us when they call to ask if we’re open yet.  They’ve apparently already had requests.  Also, some guys pulled up in a pickup truck when they saw Mark setting up the RV and said that their brother is hoping to work for us again this year.  Everyone is eager for us to get up and running.

Mark and I did some errands this afternoon and finally had a chance to do some things around here this evening.  Tomorrow we’ll be getting a trailer full of equipment and some help getting our lot set up.  I’m eager to get things set up and figured out!

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