Separate, yet equal

Mark and I are trying to start the year out right by working on our “to do” lists.  Mark’s list took him on a number of errands around town today so he got in more bike time.  My errands were all home-style, so I stayed here.

I spent the better part of today closing the books on 2014 and paying bills for this month.  I had a bit of good news in that a claim California has been making since 2007 (that I lived and worked in California in 2006 when I was actually living, working and attending school in Oregon) was finally cleared up.  I sent them proof from Social Security that my wages were not earned in California that year, and they dropped their demands that I pay them back taxes.  Hallelujah!

Mark was gone for a number of hours, and when he returned he was a different man.  I had taken a picture of him last night in the new colorful shirt he bought (having a bike again seems to be bringing about all kinds of changes in him), and then I took a picture of him today after he came home.  Can you tell what’s different?



...and after!

…and after!


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