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Mark worked six days this week, his first week of having his own business.  I haven’t focused much on how that’s been going for him, so I’ll give him a little press tonight.

At the beginning of the week, Mark had a few de-winterizations lined up, but not enough to keep him busy all week.  However, every day there was a full day of work for him.  He spent a good part of the week at Wagon Trail Campground doing de-winterizations – flushing out the stuff that was used to winterize people’s RVs last fall and checking to be sure everything was in proper working order.  Kathy Guckenberg had sent word to all her seasonal campers to tell them about his special for this month and so he got the most response from Wagon Trail

But while he was working on those, he also had a couple calls for repairs that were needed by campers at other campgrounds.  He said he drove into one of the campgrounds where a repair was needed and he could clearly see his brochure on display in front of the office there.  It’s good to know that all the legwork he did last fall and winter is paying off.

The money is beginning to come in for the work he’s been doing this week, and I have devised a ledger to keep track of where the money goes.  Here’s how we are dividing each payment:  10% for tithe, 15% for business taxes (something I learned about while working at H&R Block), 25% for his salary, and 50% to go back into the business.  With Mark’s help, I was able to enter formulas into the ledger so that all I have to do is put in the payment amount and it divides the money into the proper percentages.

I also help him with editing.  Today he had a customer who came to open up their RV for the first time after the winter only to find that it had been totaled by the snow.  The roof caved in a bit and moisture got in and molded the cabinetry and everything.  The unhappy campers called their insurance company to report the damage, and the insurance company asked them to have someone analyze the damage.  This is where all Mark’s past experience in analyzing accident scenes for the police comes in.  Mark is so perfectly suited for this work it’s amazing!

Besides helping Mark where I can, I have continued to work on the house.  You may recall that I wore my fingernails to the quick trying to sand our table the other day.  I was talking with my sister about it and she asked if we have a power sander.  It just so happens Mark got one a couple days ago, so yesterday I spent several hours using it on the table and finally got down to the wood.

The sander was loud enough that Mark came home and took a picture of me sanding without me even knowing he was there.

The sander was loud enough that Mark came home and took a picture of me sanding without me even knowing he was there.

Today I worked on organizing the kitchen.  There was a big box on the counter that I’d been ignoring, but I finally opened it and figured out where to put everything.  I have done many sink-fulls of dishes in the last few days, trying to get old dust off them from storage.  My hands are dry and itchy, but then so are Mark’s.  We’ve tried everything from Corn Husker’s Lotion to hand lotion.

When I was thrift shopping with Judy, one of the things I found was some kind of lacy valances, like Dutch lace.  When I brought them home, they had exactly the same design as the valances that were in other parts of the house.  Now the whole house has the same pattern on the windows.

Dutch lace valances

Dutch lace valances

Mark is going to take the next two days off; church tomorrow and running errands in Green Bay on Monday.  From then on, he plans to work five day weeks unless folks have an emergency on one of his days off.  I’m still antsy to find out when I can start to work at Seaquist, but I have plenty to keep me busy until then.

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