I passed!

This morning Mark and I went over to Mom’s house.  She made lunch for us and started an unintentional fire, but Mark’s quick thinking saved the day.  After lunch, he stayed and fixed her garbage disposal which hasn’t worked in several years.  This afternoon, he was called to work. Continue reading


Today was the last day of our work week, but this weekend isn’t going to be fun and games as usual.  Remember all that training Mark got to be an RV inspector?  He’s been working on his final training and the next two days he has to do two premier mock inspections.  We are going to be so busy I doubt I’ll have time to write, so this is a brief check in. Continue reading

I’m learning

Sometimes, even a pacifist has to know how to fight fire with fire.  It’s been an emotional weekend: everything from hopelessness and despair to learning when and how to speak most effectively.  I gave as good as I got and eventually everything worked out.  I’m going to have to remember how I did this for the next time conflict comes up! Continue reading

RSO training

Mark got up at 5:00 this morning and went to Los Banos, nearly a 2 hour drive, to take a day of training for certification as a Range Safety Officer.  This isn’t a required training here, but he wanted to be prepared for this winter when it will just be him and Adam working on the range.  He got home this evening at 7:45, full of stories about what he Continue reading