I’m learning

Sometimes, even a pacifist has to know how to fight fire with fire.  It’s been an emotional weekend: everything from hopelessness and despair to learning when and how to speak most effectively.  I gave as good as I got and eventually everything worked out.  I’m going to have to remember how I did this for the next time conflict comes up!

We were really busy today.  We finally broke $1000 for the day.  We had a Tour de Marval bike race this morning and a nacho party this afternoon.  We also had five train runs (three were scheduled).  It was crazy busy with bike and golf rentals, ceramics and sand art, tie-dyed T-shirts, and more.  So to have a resolution of sorts to the conflicts that have been going on all weekend on a day like today was a boon.  I have learned to be less trusting, but I came out a little stronger I think.  Tough lesson to have to learn, but probably not an altogether bad one.

I should probably mention that Mark wasn’t the one the conflict was with.  It was difficult for him to watch me go through this, but I think he learned something from it too.

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