End of our first week on the job

Today was the end of our first full week on the job, and it had its ups and downs.  For starters, because we are working the later shift, we will be able to attend church here in the park every Sunday.  Today was our first day there.

The service is led by the pastor and his wife.  The pastor talked about something I’ve never heard anyone talk about before: the senior citizens in the Christmas story.  He started with Zachariah and Elizabeth and then talked about Simeon and the prophetess, Anna, who rejoiced to see the infant, Jesus, in the temple.  Considering the age of the folks in the congregation, it was pretty apropos.

When we first sat down in the back, the pastor’s wife asked if either of us would like to read a part at the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.  I said, “Sure, but make it a little later in the service in case we don’t get off work early enough to make it at the very beginning.”  She assigned me John 1:1-14.  I want to see if I can memorize it by Christmas Eve.  I used to be able to do that, but my memory ain’t what it used to be.  This might be good exercise for my brain!

We went to work and we started out in the fitness center.  Mark carries our set of keys, but there is a spare set of keys I use when I’m working in the women’s restroom and he’s working in the men’s.  The keys are for things like checking the level of hand soap and changing the toilet paper if it’s getting low.  I had some trash I was going to throw away in the back work room and I accidentally dropped the keys into the tall garbage can.  I went to get Mark to see if he could reach them with his longer arms, but he couldn’t.  He tipped the can on its side and was trying to pull everything out of it when he lost his grip and hit his right wrist on the wall.  Throughout the rest of the day, it has pained him, so tonight he put on a wrist brace and took some Ibuprofen.  We did eventually get the keys out of the garbage, but I feel bad for Mark.  At least we have a couple days off now for him to rest his wrist.

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