Body and soul

I can’t begin to say how wonderful it is to have Sundays off.  Today we nourished our spirits and our bodies.

It started this morning by going back to Crosspoint Community Church.  We walked in a few minutes late due to having trouble with our water this morning when we tried to take showers.  We went in and sat near the back, and a couple people leaned over and welcomed us back.  Today was Communion Sunday so they called everyone forward to stand around the table and hold hands while the familiar Biblical explanation of Communion was spoken.  At the end of the service, the pastor sat down and they asked people to tell him where his strengths and weaknesses were.  The only weakness they could come up with was that he needed to take more time off.  Other than that, one woman talked about how he had changed to gluten free crackers for Communion so she could participate for the first time in forty years.  Another person talked about how he came and sat with them all day when they were waiting in the hospital.  After the service a woman came up and remembered our names even though we’d only been there once a couple weeks ago.  Then the pastor asked if we had anywhere to go for Thanksgiving.  We told him we don’t get off work till 2:30 and he said, “Come on over.  We’ll save food for you!”  We got out to the lobby and a woman asked if we had any place to go for Thanksgiving.  I said the pastor had just invited us.  She said she’d see us there, and I said, “You’re going too?”  She said, “I’m the pastor’s wife!”  So they both invited us independently of each other!

Then we went to Mark’s church for the first time.  I won’t say what all went wrong there, but I think it’s safe to say we were both uncomfortable there.

We topped the day off by going to the spa at the casino and getting a couple’s massage.  Mark had a man and I had a woman massage us while we were lying in the same room.  It was a full body massage, and the man who was working on Mark said he has plantar fasciitis and showed him something he can do to help himself.  It was a wonderful and informative massage.  We also spent some time in the Jacuzzi, and I had some juice and nibbled on dried fruit while relaxing in the relaxation room.  I’ve never been to a spa before, but it was very pleasant.  We’re going to go over there every time we get paid here.  There’s more to try out there.

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