It’s Saturday to everyone else, but it’s Friday to us!

We had a pleasant surprise today at work.  They announced that we stowers don’t need to come in next Tuesday unless we want the overtime.  I was game, but Mark said if I volunteered next Tuesday he’d drop me off and go enjoy his day off!

One of the reasons that deters me is because I rely on Mark to help me find my way around.  Today I left my cart where I’d been working and went to the bathroom.  When I came back I couldn’t find my cart.  I wandered around for a while trying to find it and finally had to go to a problem solver and ask her if she could track where I was last working.  She looked me up and found out where my cart was, but she tried to give me directions to it, and it still wasn’t easy to find.  By the time I finally found it, it was nearly time for our break and I was on the wrong floor for Mark to find me.  At that point I had a hard time finding my way to him.  I had to ask for directions again, and when I finally got to the right floor, I had to walk quite a ways to locate Mark.  When I finally found him I told him how lost I’d been and how glad I was to see him!  From that point on I stayed close to him.  This may give you some idea how big Amazon is here in Fernley, and this is supposed to be one of the smaller fulfillment centers!

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