End of week wrap up

I rode to the third stop light again this morning, and though my legs felt a little loose, I was doing slightly better than yesterday.  Thank you all for your encouragement!

Besides the challenge of trying to work up to riding my bike all the way to work, I have been under a great deal of stress this week.  The tax pros at work really like me, but I am afraid that my boss from last year has been talking bad about me to my current boss.  I’m beginning to wonder if we will need to move to another town next year for me to get a fair shake.  That would be very sad as I love the church I attend here and love living in the church parking lot.

Mark has more competition for business here in Tucson than he does up in Door County.  His business is slow to take off.  If it stays like this, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to pick up and move his business elsewhere.

We could use any prayers you’d like to send up for us.  I know that God is in control even in this situation, so I’m believing Him to be my defender and our provider.  I’m sure this, too, will work together for good.

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