The third stoplight!

Mark and I went to the weekly breakfast at church this morning so I ate French toast with syrup, bacon, a banana and a thin slice of cantaloupe, and had a glass of orange juice.  I was stoked for my bicycle ride this morning…

We had agreed to meet in a parking lot at the third stop light from our house.  Mark beat me there by about ten minutes, so he had an opportunity to watch for me and take pictures as I approached the end of the ride.

Somehow I don’t remember this hill being so steep, but I do know I was pretty tired at this point.

I told Mark I was sure glad to see him!

My legs felt like rubber by the time I got off my bike, so I’ll have to try for the third light again tomorrow to see if I can do better.  There is one more light on this main drag and then I turn left and go to the next stop light.  That’s where my office is.  I am so close I can almost taste victory!

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