A little progress

Mark and I again agreed to meet at the second light today because I didn’t feel I’d done very well yesterday. 

The only snafu was that I had asked him before I left if we would be meeting on his side of the road (to the right in the direction he would be traveling) as we had discussed the day before, or whether he wanted to meet on my side of the road (to the left, or to the side that would be facing into the traffic).  He said he wanted to meet on his side of the road (meaning a little beyond the second light to where we had met yesterday).  I got to the second light and I didn’t see Mark waiting where I was expecting to see him.  I was confused as to what to do for about a minute until I looked further down the road and saw him waving to me on what I called “my side”.  We have got to stop miscommunicating like this!

It was still a little difficult for me from the first light to the second light, but I came to realize that the difficulty wasn’t such that I was in pain.  I told Mark I’m ready to try for the third light tomorrow.  Mark told me that he had barely gotten to our meeting place today before me.  Road traffic is busy enough that even in my out-of-shape attempts to ride my bicycle, I can almost ride as fast as he can drive.  This is very encouraging to me!

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