From…Tucson, AZ

On Tuesday, the 13th, I got my second COVID shot, and as anticipated, I felt crappy on Wednesday. I had such a bad migraine that I ended up in the ER Wednesday afternoon to get an IV. That took time out of our schedule of getting ready to go home. Also, Mark had a roof job that just ended yesterday.

Yesterday was the original day we had hoped to be out of here, but with the aforementioned delays, we thought we could be out of here sometime today. We were planning on four hours of travel time, then we thought we might still be able to get two hours of travel time in. At dinnertime, I looked at Mark and he was stressed and exhausted. We still needed to get propane and the U-Haul we go to for propane was probably going to shut down the pumps for the night soon. And the neighbor who’s been parked next to us in the church parking lot since before Palm Sunday came over and invited Mark to the men’s meat-fest (AKA BBQ) in the front parking lot of the church. I knew we weren’t going to get out of here tonight, so when I told Mark I gave up, he let out a huge sigh of relief!

I got some pictures today around here.

Is this a crime scene, or what?
These saguaros are probably about as tall as me.
Outside the pastor’s office door

Several days ago, the pastor went around the church property and started marking a number of saguaros with pink tape. As it turns out, landscapers are willing to pay anywhere from $1000-$2500 apiece for saguaros like these. This is a kind of cool way for a church to be able to recuperate from the financial losses of this last year!

Among other things today, we needed to get Mark’s motorcycle up into the pickup. Earlier in our stay here, Mark had tried to winch out a fairly stubborn bush and it broke the board his winch was attached to. He bought a new board and planned to attach it to the back of the pickup and the winch to the board so he could pull the motorcycle up, but with our setbacks this week, he didn’t get the chance, so he had another idea. The local Harley Davidson shop has a nice big ramp that they said he could use when he was ready.

The gate’s open…
Mark rides the bike up the ramp…
…and into the back of the pickup!
So much easier than trying to walk the bike up a narrow ramp with our winch pulling!
Thank you, kindly, Tucson Harley Davidson!

We had been figuring we’d be in Wisconsin by the 21st with five-hour days of driving. I was afraid that this delay would put us back a day, but Mark did some re-figuring tonight, and if we drive for six hours a day, we can still make it to Wisconsin by the 21st! This year, I am more eager to get back than usual, but more about that later.

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