Birthday in Tombstone

Thank you to those of you who have asked after Mark’s health. This morning, I had him scheduled for a one-hour massage, and when next I saw him, he was looking very mellow. He said that the massage therapist worked on his wrist, which has been hurting since his fall, and it feels much better.

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New Year’s Eve from Pendleton, OR

Mark has had to leave his motorcycle in a Harley shop in Tigard to be serviced. He’s going to have to fly back to get it sometime during the next week or so. Today, he rented a tow dolly to carry the car that I have been using in Oregon for the last several years. We didn’t actually get out of the Tigard area until about 2:00. We were only planning a 4-hour drive, so no biggie.

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From…Tucson, AZ

On Tuesday, the 13th, I got my second COVID shot, and as anticipated, I felt crappy on Wednesday. I had such a bad migraine that I ended up in the ER Wednesday afternoon to get an IV. That took time out of our schedule of getting ready to go home. Also, Mark had a roof job that just ended yesterday.

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The best laid plans…

Today was to have been our touring day and we loaded our bicycles on the back of the truck, but we never got “a round tuit”.  We did, however, take pictures of various stops we made on our way to and from the VA in Green Bay.  Here are today’s pictures… Continue reading

Mark’s present to himself

Two and a half years ago when we sold all our possessions and walked away from our stick-and-brick house, Mark gave up his beloved Harley.  He hasn’t been the same since.  Recently he saw a bike online that he really liked so he put a couple hundred dollars down on it.  The bike was in Dallas so we went up there last weekend to get it, but our plans were thwarted.  They offered to send the bike down to Austin this week so we could try again to get it.  My cousin, Dan Brim, sent our leathers and helmets from Lynden, WA.  They arrived in San Antonio yesterday when we went to the office, so today we went to Austin prepared to pick up the bike. Continue reading