New Year’s Eve from Pendleton, OR

Mark has had to leave his motorcycle in a Harley shop in Tigard to be serviced. He’s going to have to fly back to get it sometime during the next week or so. Today, he rented a tow dolly to carry the car that I have been using in Oregon for the last several years. We didn’t actually get out of the Tigard area until about 2:00. We were only planning a 4-hour drive, so no biggie.

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From Salt Lake City, UT – with a slight mishap…

Mark and I had just crossed the border into Utah and been driving on Highway I-80W when a bunch of cars started honking at us as they drove by. I asked Mark, “Why are they honking?” He checked his rearview mirror and said, “We’re smoking.” He pulled over to the side of the road and got out, then opened the door and yelled, “The truck’s on fire! Call 911!”

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We’re famous!

On our first day off, Tuesday, Mark wanted to go to the VA in Muskogee because he thought he’d heard that they were going to be showing some trikes that disabled veterans could get.  They showed us one since we asked, but mostly what it was was a program where they had ping pong and boccia ball to play to get disabled veterans more active. Continue reading