New Year’s Eve from Pendleton, OR

Mark has had to leave his motorcycle in a Harley shop in Tigard to be serviced. He’s going to have to fly back to get it sometime during the next week or so. Today, he rented a tow dolly to carry the car that I have been using in Oregon for the last several years. We didn’t actually get out of the Tigard area until about 2:00. We were only planning a 4-hour drive, so no biggie.

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One hour closer!

I worked overtime tonight trying to get some things finished before the end of tax season which is next Tuesday.  When I finally caught my bus, I was able to have a chat with Mark by text.  He said he was in Glacier National Park in Montana, lucky guy!  We had tried to go there on our honeymoon, but the rangers wouldn’t let us in with our RV in late September.  I have yet to see it!

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Happy Father’s Day!

I tried to call my father this afternoon to wish him a Happy Father’s Day but ended up having to leave a message on his answering machine.  Even better than that, Jamey left a Happy Father’s Day message on our answering machine for Mark.  I hope Dad gets as much pleasure from my message as Mark got from Jamey’s! Continue reading