Pictures from our election trip

So we all woke up to a new day today.  Some of you woke up feeling happy and some of you felt like you’d been kicked in the stomach, but the sun still rose and life goes on.  I woke up early this morning and began practicing what I preached last night…praying for our president-elect and for the country.

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Family reunion

When we decided to spend a couple nights in Lynden, we knew that we would see Aunt Marg.  When my mother found out we’d be here for a couple nights, she and my stepfather came up from Portland to visit with us.  An unexpected pleasure was discovering that Mark’s mom and stepfather were staying in Birch Bay and wanted to see us.  Marg invited them for dinner at her house and we spent a very pleasant evening visiting. Continue reading

…She chortled in her joy.

This morning Mark and I picked my friend, Wendy, up at Aunt Marg’s house — they had been having a good visit — and took her with us to my hand surgeon appointment.  He has got to be the fastest doctor in the world.  (He doesn’t even close the office door!)  He took the Band-Aid off my wrist, asked if I wanted him to operate on my other wrist, and when I said I wasn’t sure, he said, “Call me when you decide,” and I was out the door! Continue reading