The circus and the open house

I have been so busy of late that I haven’t had time to write about all the things I’ve been busy doing, so I’m going to remedy that now.  And because I haven’t had a working camera, the photos are courtesy of Mark.  This is a long one, but there is an offer at the end that you aren’t going to want to miss!

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The annual Mennonite/Amish quilt show

I’m behind in writing about something Mark and I did last weekend.  One of the local Mennonite churches had their annual Mennonite and Amish quilt show.  Mark took his camera and we spent an hour in there ooo-ing and ahh-ing.  It has taken me a few days to edit the pictures, but here they are: Continue reading

Persecuted Christians

Mark says I bury my head in the sand when it comes to the news, and he’s probably right.  I quit watching the news and reading newspapers a long time ago because the news just brought me down.  I can be a lot more optimistic when I just keep track of what’s going on around me.  However, there are certain news stories that get through my defenses and I find them very distressing;  I don’t know how to deal with them. Continue reading