The annual Mennonite/Amish quilt show

I’m behind in writing about something Mark and I did last weekend.  One of the local Mennonite churches had their annual Mennonite and Amish quilt show.  Mark took his camera and we spent an hour in there ooo-ing and ahh-ing.  It has taken me a few days to edit the pictures, but here they are: Continue reading

From Paducah, KY

I haven’t mentioned that everywhere we stop to spend the night, we’ve been leaving RVIC (RV Inspection Connection) brochures.  This morning I left a couple in the office where we were staying and the owner of the campground said she has a son that is working at Home Depot that she needs to be able to get back working in the campground.  She said maybe he could learn to do RV inspections, so I went back to our RV and got a brochure for her to show him on how to become an RV inspector.  I hope he does get the training.  Steve and Coop need more inspectors. Continue reading