Extending the borders of my tent

[This was originally posted on August 12th, but there was a glitch in the system and no one got it. I’m hoping this works.]

I adopt people as part of my family since my family is all back in Oregon. Here are some of my kids this summer.

Yokahira (pronounced Yo-KAI-ra) from the Dominican Republic
Shiny (in the foreground with one of her housemates, Tanem) from Mongolia
Aydan from Turkey
Of course, you know Kader. She has a very serious boyfriend named Zak who is looking more and more like he will become part of the family soon!

And then, there are some children.

This was the baby of my chiropractor last summer laying on a quilt I gave him.

This last couple of weeks, I have been talking with the daughter of a Mom-&-Pop farm market called Wildwood Market. She is expecting to deliver her baby girl any day now. Last weekend, I made a quilt for her baby and wrapped it up before I took a picture of it, but I asked her to send me a picture of her baby on it when she is born.

And now, I am trying to locate some kids that I nannied and thought of as my grandchildren until I was fired for trying to help one of them keep the littlest child out of his room. This is a picture of Tasha (short for Natasha) and Tariq from Halloween, 2010:

Their father had died and their aunt took them in, but she and her husband had a daughter of their own, a terrible two, whom they adored and who could do no wrong. Tasha and Tariq could seem to do no right. I loved these two kids and I grieved over their loss for many years, but it has occurred to me that they must be old enough now that I could legally get in touch with them. Of course, after all these years, there is precious little I can remember that could help me find them. I think I remember the first and last names of their aunt and uncle, but I can’t find them on Facebook. I remember approximately where they lived in Westmoreland when I last saw them. I know that their aunt was attending law school at Lewis and Clark, but I’m not sure if she ever graduated. I’m trying to get in touch with a classmate of Tasha’s that I used to know. If anyone has any other ideas on how I might locate them, I’d be open to suggestions. Or if you have ever seen them or know anything about them or have a friend of a friend who knows them, let me know.

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