From Champoeg State Park, OR

Today was our shortest travel day so far, but it was our most beautiful as well. I haven’t spent a lot of time in southern Oregon, so I’m guessing at the names of some of the things I pictured below. If anyone can correct me, let me know!

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Happy Father’s Day!

I tried to call my father this afternoon to wish him a Happy Father’s Day but ended up having to leave a message on his answering machine.  Even better than that, Jamey left a Happy Father’s Day message on our answering machine for Mark.  I hope Dad gets as much pleasure from my message as Mark got from Jamey’s! Continue reading

Touring Door County: Jacksonport +

Today I had a couple places I wanted to see, but we actually got more in than I had expected.  I had seen in the local paper that there’s a Mahjongg group at the YMCA in Fish Creek.  I have played the game on the computer so I wanted to see it in real life. Continue reading