A beautiful funeral

Today was the day for Phung’s (pronounced Foam) funeral. She had asked everyone to dress as though they were going to a wedding, and the funeral itself was beautiful. Even the weather turned out to be lovely though cold.

Mom in her party dress looking pretty good for a 92-years-old!
Mark and I all gussied up!
Phung loved roses, so her casket had rose panels and there were roses everywhere.
Mom was considered to be Phung’s mom and I was Phung’s sister, so we were invited to participate in the private family viewing.
There were family members in Vietnam who weren’t able to come, so they all sent floral arrangements. Phung was well-loved!
Phung had chosen the American name, Patricia, which I had never heard her called before, but everyone there was calling her Patricia.
The funeral program was written in both English and Vietnamese.
There was a short sermon spoken in Vietnamese and then translated into English.
A friend of the children who had been like a son to Phung had been asked to read a letter Mai and her two brothers, Long (pronounced Lom) and Anderson had written to their mother.
Several times he had to wipe his eyes while the Vietnamese pastor translated what he was reading.
Then there was a procession out to the cemetery.
The casket was put into a vault.
Phung’s youngest son, Anderson, held her picture throughout the burial ceremony.
Everyone was given a single long-stemmed rose. Here, the pallbearers received theirs after carrying the casket out.
Phung’s sister was Zooming the whole thing back to the family in Vietnam.
Once the casket was placed into the vault, everyone began to bring their roses up to lay on the casket. Anderson paying his last respects to his mother…
There were several whole bouquets placed on the casket as well. Phung would have loved all the flowers.
The setting sun suddenly shone brilliantly on the scene.
The vault was fairly quickly buried. It had rained so much in the morning that they had to put wood down so that the tractor that helped with filling in the grave wouldn’t sink into the wet soil.
Then people were asked to go get the easel flowers and tent them over the grave.
The flowers completely covered the grave.
Long holding the picture of his mother.
Mom and Mai (in the red coat) watching the proceedings
Anderson posing for his aunt with his mother’s flowers
What a beautiful way to celebrate a beautiful person!
A last glimpse for the family in Vietnam.

There was also a Vietnamese meal for everyone there. People talked about how kind Phung was, how much she loved children – especially her own, how she always thought of others before herself. There were so many tears and so many hugs. As Mai said, “This is ‘See you later’.” We will see Phung again in heaven!

2 thoughts on “A beautiful funeral

  1. Thank you so much, Denise, for this beautiful blog! Phung was such a kind, loving, strong, lovely woman; I am so sad that I was unable to attend the celebration of her life. I know she will be missed sorely by many, especially her dear children, Mai, Long and Anderson. Peace to her memory.
    Kathie Gray

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