No turning back now

When I got home from church this afternoon, Mark was working in the bathroom.  He accomplished quite a bit.

You may recall, this is where we left off after Bill came to help on Wednesday.

We are taking the soffit over the bathtub out to let more light in.

Mark told me that when he knocked the ceiling out of the soffit, a bunch of insulation full of mouse droppings and urine fell into the tub.  It smelled bad, so we put the fan backward in the window to try to draw the bad air out.  Practically the whole time Mark was pulling walls out, I was vacuuming up the debris with the shop vac.

Mark started to pull the wall boards off around the tub…

…and found that the insulation in the walls was also full of mouse droppings.

He began cutting out the wall behind the shower.

Pulling out the boards

This is where we left off for the day.

At this point, we are committed.  We have no bathtub until we get the new one installed, so we will be taking showers out in the RV.  Hopefully, we can get the new tub in quickly!

Besides working on the bathroom, Mark worked some more at mowing the lawn.  I took a series of shots of him clowning around:

Look, Ma! No hands!

I’m flying!

Coming in for a landing

Big grin

I enjoyed the sunshine so much after all the rain we’ve had that I walked around the yard looking for what’s blooming.

Does anyone know what this is?

Is this a money plant?

I have tons of Lily of the Valley in my flower bed. It smells heavenly!

I believe this is an Oriental Poppy. It grows almost like wildflowers in Door County.

These bushes full of small, white flowers grow around here a lot.

Lilacs grow wild in Door county too.


My pastor had good news this morning.  Her cancer is fully contained in one part of her body and hasn’t spread.  Thank God!

Mark, on the other hand, has been doing a significant amount of limping lately.  First, it was a corn on his toe that he has been medicating for probably a couple months and it still hasn’t gone away.  Then, a couple of weeks ago, one of his heels started to bother him.  Now, in addition to all that, the inside of one of his knees has been giving him a great deal of pain for the last few days.  I am suspecting a torn meniscus, but Mark doesn’t think so.  Mark has a podiatry appointment on Tuesday.  I know a podiatrist doesn’t have anything to do with knees, but I am hoping he might take an x-ray or something to find out what’s going on.  Please pray for Mark.

And keep up those prayers for Nancy!

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