The floor is in!

Saturday evening, Mark put the adhesive for the bathroom floor down.  The bucket of adhesive said to wait until it wasn’t tacky anymore to lay the linoleum on it.  By Sunday morning, it was still tacky.

Sunday morning, we put a big fan in front of the bathroom door and had it blowing into the bathroom all day.  By Sunday evening, it was still tacky, so we closed all the windows and turned on the heat in the bathroom.  This morning it was still tacky; when we got home from work, it was still tacky.  Finally, we decided to go ahead and lay the linoleum anyway.

We had rolled the cut piece of linoleum thinking we were going to start it from the window end of the bathroom on a dry floor, so we had to clear the dining room and re-roll the linoleum so that it could be started at the door end of the bathroom.  We were both kneeling at the bathroom door trying to get the end of the roll laid down from wall to wall without forming any bumps.  We had to keep picking it up and trying again and I could feel Mark’s frustration level beginning to rise.

We finally got it started and then he went down the side where the toilet will be and I went down the side where the tub will be as we slowly rolled out the linoleum.  It was going pretty well until we got to the air vent on my side.  I had to lift my end of the linoleum roll to get around that and that seemed to get the linoleum coming down more toward my wall than Mark’s.  He was getting a gap between the linoleum and the wall while the flooring was curving up along my edge of the wall.  We picked it up several times before we finally got it repositioned to fit between the two walls.  Mark’s frustration level went up just a little bit more.

Then we got to the toilet hole where Mark needed to get the linoleum under the lip of the hole and I could hear a low growl in his throat.  Nothing untoward came out of his mouth, but it was a definite possibility.  Finally, he got both sides of the linoleum under the lip and the seam behind the hole laid down smoothly and we reached the far wall.  We checked the whole floor for bubbles and there were none.  I left briefly to grab my camera, and when I came back, this is what I found:


We had a guest preacher at my church yesterday while my pastor’s husband drove her down to Skokie, Illinois (Chicago area) for several days of testing and evaluation by doctors from various specializations.  We have a system where my pastor can make one call and her recording is transmitted to everyone in the church.  I got the automated call from her this evening after her first day at the clinic.  She sounded a little apprehensive.

She said they are desperately trying to avoid having to do a mastectomy, and because she had so much fun the first two times (NOT!), they are going to do a third biopsy on her.  I’m sure that accounts for the apprehension in her voice.  On the other hand, she said that the doctors she saw today were very compassionate and she was grateful for all our prayers.  She said that she is aware that God is working through all this.  She also expressed her deep love for us all.

Please keep Nancy in your prayers!

And now, I think I should end with something a bit more peaceful.  I took this picture in our front yard yesterday:

This dragonfly let me run and get my camera but only allowed me one shot before flying away.  It’s a twelve-spotted skimmer.  Very pretty!

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