New linoleum

Our dining room has the largest open floor space if we move the table and chairs out, so that’s what we did on Sunday.  Then we brought in the roll of linoleum we were storing out on the back deck and unrolled it…

Spreading out on the floor

Cutting off the amount we need in the bathroom

We had gotten a piece of returned linoleum that was 12’x12′ and was on sale for a reduced price, so Mark had to cut it down in both directions.

The size we need for the bathroom

Cutting out the hole for the toilet drain

Cutting out the hole for the heat register


It isn’t glued down yet.  According to the instructions on the bucket of glue, we are supposed to leave the linoleum and the glue in the bathroom at 70° for forty-eight hours to acclimate.  In a couple of days, we’ll be able to glue the flooring down, but this gives us an idea of what it will look like when it’s finished.

I was inspired to look for a pattern like this because of my job at the Noble House.  The staff bathroom in there has a hexagon tile floor, so I asked the woman at Menards if they had anything like that in linoleum.  That’s when she showed us the 12’x12′ roll that someone had changed their mind on and returned.  Because it had already been cut, this piece cost less than if we had bought a smaller piece cut to the size we needed.  Mark has plans for the remainder of the roll.  He eventually wants to fix up the picker hut out back to use for his crafts and this linoleum should fit well in there.  In the meantime, we are thrilled with how this is going to look.

By contrast, this is what the old linoleum looked like.

Our old linoleum was gold.  The new linoleum will brighten the room considerably!

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