Memorial garden

I was driving myself to church this morning and I passed through Bailey’s Harbor where they have a Sunday Farmers’ Market. As I was driving slowly by, I noticed that they had a kind of hydrangea for sale that I have been wanting for the last several years. The flowers are cone-shaped and they go from white to a deep pink.

On my way home, I told myself that if they were still there when I came home from church, I’d buy one. They were still there on my way back, so I stopped and looked at them. The growers said that the one I was looking at cost $43 which I didn’t have. They said, “We have a smaller one over here that only costs $30. I looked at it. It looked to me like a lace-capped hydrangea, but they said that’s how the flowers start out before they grow into a cone shape. They showed me a picture of what it will look like, so I said, “OK. I’ll take it!” It didn’t look particularly healthy but they said that’s because they kept moving it. They said once I got it in the ground, it would perk right up.

When I got home, I had Mark plant it by our mailbox and we watered it.

I went into the house and made lunch, and after lunch, I changed into some casual clothes and started working on another project I’ve had in mind to do ever since Dobby died. I wanted to make a little memorial garden around his grave. After we buried Dobby, Tucson kept trying to dig him up again, so I wanted to protect his grave. I had Mark put several more large stones on the grave to keep Tucson and any coyotes from being able to get to the box we buried Dobby in. Then, while Mark worked on other things around the yard, I brought some bricks out, two at a time, from behind our wood-burning stove in the house. I have always wanted to find something to do with them, and this seemed like a worthy cause. Delores’ irises are planted around the grave (or at least the ones Tucson didn’t dig up), so I put the bricks around them to protect them too. Then I found some red bricks and a small bench and built a little place to sit and contemplate life and the hereafter.

This was the original stone Mark put over Dobby’s grave the day he died.
This is the contemplation garden I built today. You can barely see two small crosses in the upper right where the former owner’s pets are buried.
Then I painted my little chant on the stones so that no one will wonder who lies there.

It turned out pretty if I do say so myself! If it weren’t for the mosquitoes, I would have sat out there and enjoyed the results for a while. We need to spray around the pet cemetery.

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