From Champoeg State Park, OR

Today was our shortest travel day so far, but it was our most beautiful as well. I haven’t spent a lot of time in southern Oregon, so I’m guessing at the names of some of the things I pictured below. If anyone can correct me, let me know!

Leaving Klamath Falls, I think this is upper Klamath Lake.
I’m not familiar with this area, but I think this is Mount McLoughlin.
We started up into the mountains…
Up and down
A tunnel through the mountain
For those of you who live in the flatlands, the snowy patch beyond the brown sign is actually an incline for runaway semis. If they can’t control their speed going down the mountain, they aim for the ramp and it slows them down so that they can stop.
A babbling brook
The forest primeval
Tranquil water
A historic covered bridge
Red bud trees and the first signs of civilization
We stopped at a rest stop north of Eugene and Tucson wanted a good run! Mark admitted he’s a little out of shape.
Farm country around Eugene and Springfield
Close to “home”
Mom has been telling me about the flowers she planted outside her courtyard wall, so I had to take a picture!
Mom in her happy place!

As we were traveling today, Lauryn texted me that she found Chloe. Catching her was another thing altogether. She was able to trap Chloe in the shed in her backyard, pass the tools in the shed out to her son, Nate, who carefully shut the door after each time, and she was finally able to reach Chloe and put her in her carrier. They had to take Chloe back to the vet, but the family was so overjoyed to have her back that I paraphrased one of Jesus’s parables for them:

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