From Klamath Falls, OR

We woke up at the Naval Air Station’s Famcamp this morning and Mark walked down to the office to try to pay for our night’s stay, but they didn’t open until 10:00. Around 10:00, he tried again, but the right staff member wasn’t in there to take the payment, so someone else told him to just leave his card information.

Don’t fence me in!

We got to the gate and no one was there. Mark found a phone number in the booth and called it and they said that someone would be there in about 15 minutes. Around 30 minutes, I suggested that he could wash the windshield while we were waiting. Finally, 45 minutes after we first arrived at the gate, a guard came to open the gate for us. Good thing we didn’t have as long of a drive as usual today!

What we had to look forward to
Reno, NV
That brownish patch on the right side is called White Lake. It didn’t look very white to us.
Cloud play
Red Rock
Lots of ranching in the mountains
This brownish patch is called Honey Lake
We found a wide spot in the road where we could get out and look down into the valley.
The wide spot in the road
What a view!
I think that’s Mt. Shasta in California sticking up in the background.
Eagle Lake

I was in communication with my younger sister, Lauryn, all day. She lives in Klamath Falls and was expecting us for dinner. We were a little late due to not getting out of camp very early this morning, but she had a dinner of salmon, asparagus, and rice waiting for us.

She has a cat named Chloe who was really sick last weekend. Lauryn and Rob rushed the cat to Medford where there was a pet hospital, an hour and a half drive each away, and the hospital found that Chloe had kidney disease and kept her for nearly 24 hours on an IV. The next day, Rob and Lauryn made the long drive back to get her. It was very expensive, so when they got back, they took Chloe to their local vet who also kept her on an IV for 24 hours. Lauryn said they paid about as much for the cat last week as it would cost to buy a used car. Chloe finally seemed to start feeling better except that she didn’t have much appetite still, but yesterday, Chloe got out their front door and they haven’t seen her since. They have a live trap on the front porch with Chloe’s bed and some food in it and Lauryn has been sleeping on the living room couch so that if Chloe comes back, she can hear her. Prayers for Lauryn, Rob, Nate (my nephew), and Chloe would be much appreciated!

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