From Klamath Falls, OR

Mom and Mark and I headed to southern Oregon today to visit my younger sister, Lauryn, and her family for the weekend. The family consists of my brother-in-law, Rob, and my nephew, Nate, as well as my sister. Also here are Rob’s daughter-in-law, Cynthia, and his young grandchildren.

Mark drove our RV down and Mom and I took turns driving her car behind him.
The first half of the drive, Mom was driving so I was free to take pictures.
The weather was wet most of the way down. When we got to the hills around Eugene, I was shooting pictures past Mom through her window as we headed south.
A little bit of brightness ahead just as we were about to pull off in Coburn for lunch and gas. Then Mom and I traded and I drove the rest of the way.
It was dark by the time we got to Klamath Falls.
Lauryn always does decorating up big. She lives in a beautiful old house.
My nephew, Nate, is on the right.

Nate was telling us over dinner that he is now a YouTuber. He and the youth pastor at his church have a program where they talk about controversial subjects from a very thoughtful Christian point of view. It’s called Casual Theology: I started trying to watch one of the discussions, but my Internet connection wasn’t very good there. Try one out and let me know what you think!

In the meantime, this weekend is Christkindlmarkt in Sister Bay, Wisconsin. My boss, Mickie, at the Welcome Center in Ellison Bay has a table at the event and she offered to try to sell some of my things. I did a ton of sewing a couple of weeks before we left home. Here are a couple of pictures she took:

Besides my sparkly Christmas pillows and my Christmas pillowcase kits (just a couple of the items I left with her to sell), she is also selling straw ornaments for Nancy Farber of Cousin’s Walk which is within walking distance of my house.
There is a furniture store in Ellison Bay called Door Stop Furniture and the owner saw some of my pillows and offered to display any that are left in his furniture store!

Mickie says that she has sold a couple of my sparkly pillows and one of my pillowcase kits so far. Christkindlmarkt is happening this weekend and the first two weekends in December. I’m eager to see how it goes!

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