Tuesday in Oregon

This morning, Mark had put a collar and leash on Tucson to take her out and do her thing, but she got spooked by something and wouldn’t go out. He left the collar and leash on her when he left to get Mom and told me not to take Tucson out before he got back. Mark took Mom to the DEQ to get her license, but the line was so long that Mom decided to try again tomorrow and get there before they open, so Mark headed back to get me.

In the meantime, I decided to try to take Tucson out by myself, so I grabbed the end of her leash, let her out the door, and then shut it behind me. After she did her business, I tried to open the door and it was stuck. This happens to me more often than I care to reveal. I was having difficulty controlling Tucson, so I decided to take her to the pet exercise area in the park and let her run around without the leash on. As soon as I took her leash off, Tucson got the zoomies!

I called Mark to let him know where we were, so he met us there…
…got her back on the leash, and walked her home.
This is where home is for a few days. Champoeg (pronounced Shampoo-ey) State Park has really nice sites!

After putting Tucson inside, Mark took me back to Mom’s house and she and I went over to my dad’s house for lunch.

Dad has multiple myeloma, but he’s on medication for the rest of his life which seems to be keeping him in remission. He looks like he’s mostly all legs because of what the multiple myeloma did to his spine. He and Mom were talking about the church they grew up in. I had been sitting in between Mom and my son, Jamey, before I got up to take this picture.

Mother/son selfie – Can you see a resemblance?

Dad’s wife, Elaine, was in the kitchen preparing a delicious lunch while we were visiting. I should have gotten up to help, but I was talking with Jamey while Mom and Dad were visiting. Dad hadn’t seen Jamey since Covid started and I hadn’t seen either of them for about a year and a half. It was so good to be with all of them! My thanks to Elaine for all the work she put into hosting the gathering!

When we got back to Mom’s place, I took this shot of her flowering cherry tree.

Mom and I spent the afternoon playing Scrabble while I ran some laundry through her washer and dryer. The laundry wasn’t done by the time Mom was ready to go to bed, so Mark and I told her we would close up when we were done. I’m grateful to Mom for letting us do our laundry before we head off again.

My plan all along has been to go see my BFF from high school, Wendy, tomorrow. She’s undergoing chemo for breast cancer and she texted me this evening to say she has been sick to her stomach. I would really like to see her before we leave, but I also want to honor her need to take care of herself. Please say a prayer for Wendy to feel better soon and that the chemo will do its job without making her sick for the rest of the year!

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