We’re famous!

On our first day off, Tuesday, Mark wanted to go to the VA in Muskogee because he thought he’d heard that they were going to be showing some trikes that disabled veterans could get.  They showed us one since we asked, but mostly what it was was a program where they had ping pong and boccia ball to play to get disabled veterans more active.

While we were there, a somewhat older woman came in with a reporter’s pad and a camera and interviewed everyone in the room.  Besides us there were the physical therapist and another guy who were running the program and two other vets.  I thought maybe she was doing some sort of publication for the hospital.

Wednesday night we went to Family History night at Mark’s church, and his cousin said she’d seen us on the front page of the paper that morning.  She hadn’t brought the paper with her.  This afternoon we stopped at Soda Steve’s to get a lemonade before making the trip back to Muskogee for another appointment, and the guy behind the counter said, “I saw your picture in the paper!”  We asked if he had a copy, but he said the paper was already in recycling.  After our appointment this afternoon, Mark was checking out and the woman at the desk said, “I saw you on the front page of yesterday’s paper!”  Again we asked if she had a copy, and she said she did at home.

Aargh!  Everyone recognizes us from the paper, but we haven’t been able to see it.  All I can hope is that Mark’s cousin will save it for us.

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  1. Yea it’s a great program for disabled Vets and the trikes made by AMTrikes, would be a great way for any disabled person to get back active.

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