One down; four to go!

Today was our Friday and we worked really hard.  We started out by cleaning the club house and the reunion hall, but this afternoon we also raked pine needles and took them out to the burn pile.  I popped a blister on my right hand. 

But in the midst of loading our cart for a run to the burn pile, I saw what at first appeared to be a brown rock.  I almost raked it in with the pine needles when I noticed it had eyes.  It was some sort of toad I think.  It let me touch it.  I would have picked it up, but the last time I picked up a frog here it peed on me!

I also caught my first leaf bug this afternoon.  It’s a beautiful shade of green, and its wings are so leaf like it’s incredible.  You can even see the veins you’d see on a leaf.  I let it go in the woods behind our RV.

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