Scavenger Hunt Weekend

This weekend was crazy busy.  I didn’t know how many people would want to do the scavenger hunt I had prepared, so I was madly printing out more scavenger hunt sheets as people were milling around waiting for them.  Here are the items I had them looking for:

  1. Something that begins with M               – 5 points                              __________
  2. Something that begins with A                – 5 points                              __________
  3. Something that begins with R                 – 5 points                              __________
  4. Something that begins with V                -10 points                             __________
  5. Something that begins with A                – 5 points                              __________
  6. Something that begins with L                 – 5 points                              __________
  7. A piece of trash from our grounds        – 5 points                              __________
  8. A perfect skipping rock                            – 5 points                              __________
  9. A Marval shirt or hat                                 – 10 points                            __________
  10.  A frog, grasshopper or butterfly (release after) – 10 points        __________
  11.  A picture of you in front of the Tree Man – 10 points                    __________
  12.  Someone to sing the National Anthem blindfolded – 10 points __________
  13.  A four leaf clover from our grounds   – 15 points                             ___________

The Tree Man is the name that’s been given to a tree in the park where the roots look like the face of a man.  I was surprised at how many people were able to find four leaf clovers out of all the clover on our grounds.

The one I was most looking forward to finding out was how many people know all the words to The Star Spangled Banner by heart.  Think about it…Can you sing the whole thing through without looking?  There actually were a few that came in and sang it all the way through blindfolded, but not many.  Mark was chagrined when he realized even he, conservative as he is, doesn’t know all the words.  I was talking with him about it and said I think the wrong song was chosen for our national anthem.  Not only is it impossible for most of us to sing the high notes, but the words really aren’t easy to remember.  It seems to me like America, The Beautiful would have been a better choice for a national anthem.



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