Play date

Mark and I had talked about getting up early on our play day and showing up at the Activity Center at 9:00, but it was raining when we woke up, so we stayed cozy in bed for a while longer.  The rain stopped and our day began.

We walked into the Activity Center and told Sherry and Kathy we wanted to rent bikes and they thought we were kidding at first.  😉  Our bikes are really recumbent tricycles.  I’ve never tried them before so I had to get used to them, but we rode them for half an hour.  When I got off, my legs felt a little like jelly.

Then we rented golf clubs and went out to play miniature golf.  I won the first game and Mark won the second game.  We were glad that we had each won a game, so we left it at that.

By then it was something over 90 degrees so we stopped for lunch and went to Soda Steve’s.  Their food can’t be construed in any way to be healthy, but it’s good.  We especially like their drinks.  They have something called F’real.  You pick what kind of milkshake you want out of a freezer, put it in a machine and pick how thick you want your milkshake.  It stirs it up automatically while you watch pictures and words on the screen that say things like, “This is gonna be good!”

After lunch we went to the Arcade, which is next door to the Activity Center, and played ping pong.  We didn’t keep score or try to compete.  We both played poorly enough that our goal was just to keep the ball in play as long as we could.  We began to improve a little over time, but by then my shoulder was getting tired.

We had some water balloons left over from the Wet and Wild Weekend, so we took them out and tried out the Water Wars area.  There are two sides in this area.  There’s a net over the top.  On each side there’s something that looks like a big cup with bungees attached to it or something.  You put your water balloon in the cup and pull it back and let go.  There’s kind of a slot the balloon has to pass through and if you don’t get the balloon through the slot it splats on your own head.  (Trust me, I know!)  If you get through the slot and hit the net over everything, the balloon lands on your side, and again you get splashed.  The object is to try to get the balloon on the other person’s side and splash them.  I never got to Mark’s side.  I kept getting splashed by his balloons and my own!  Fortunately, we didn’t have very many left over balloons.

From there we went swimming.  The pool water is really warm.  Mark carried me around weightlessly in the pool for a while, trying to avoid all the children, and then we got out and tried the splash pad.  It’s an area next to the pool where water comes up out of the ground or falls down from poles.  We played there for a while, then got back in the pool.  Shortly after that, one of the Workampers came in and announced that they’d heard a rumble of thunder so everyone had to get out of the pool.

We still had some money left from the $20 bill we had started with, so we went up to the camp store and got some red wigglers for Mark.  After all that together play time, he needed some alone play time on the river.  He went fishing and when he came back he told me he’d almost caught a couple fish but they got away.  His line also went over a fish he could see, but the fish wasn’t hungry and didn’t go for it.  Still he enjoyed the time casting his line.

It was a good day.  I told him we should do it again on or around September 20th, which is when we had our wedding reception five years ago.  Every once in a while, it’s good to forget about everything that needs doing and just play!

The Water Wars area

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