Two down; three to go!

Mark and I ought to feel ashamed of ourselves, but instead we’ve been praising God all day!

At about 5:00 this morning the rains started along with lightning and thunder.  I have never been so grateful to hear rain on my roof.  The more it rained, the happier we were, and every time we heard a clap of thunder we positively beamed.  What could make a rain storm seem like such a gift from God?  We knew that the more it rained, the more we could count on the Trail of Terror being canceled tonight.

It got even better than that…It rained and stormed into the afternoon, and the hay rides to the pumpkin patch, which are never canceled, were canceled!  That meant that Mark didn’t have to stand out in the rain all afternoon taking pictures.  Melanie gave everyone who had bought tickets for the pumpkin patch the option of either getting their money back or having pumpkins brought to the Activity Center for them to decorate.  Only six people opted to get their money back, so we made over $500 on that.

Furthermore, because the day was so stormy and wet, everyone came in to do crafts.  We had sales of over $1000 again.  In fact, I think we made more today than we have all season.

We were certainly hopping all day.  We ran out of a lot of supplies, so I hope they’ll let us order a bunch this week.  When everyone had their pumpkins to decorate, a lot of them carved their pumpkins, so we had seeds and pumpkin slime everywhere.  Just as we were leaving people were piling into the Activity Center for the costume contest.  Melanie and several judges cover that and she sends us home.  Mark went back a few minutes later to return our golf cart and he said the place was packed.  We were grateful to get out of there and go out for dinner!

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