Seeing a country dentist

I had an infection in my gums, so I mentioned it to my doctor while I was seeing him about something else.  He put me on an antibiotic but suggested I see a dentist, so one week later I was sitting in a dentist’s chair.

I was a little nervous because I hate all the machines at dentist’s offices, especially drills.  However, the only machine Dr. McGee used was an X-ray machine, and he only took three pictures.  Interestingly, he didn’t put a lead apron on me, nor did he protect himself.  The X-rays didn’t show any problems.

Next he felt around my neck and jaw with his fingers, and then he put his bare (as in no gloves) fingers inside my mouth and felt around my gums.  No problems there.

Finally he used the little metal measuring tool dentists use and checked where my bone was in contact with my gums, but only on the side that was being treated.  It seemed like he was training his dental assistant as though she was a local and hadn’t gone to dental school because he was showing her what marks to make to my chart as he called out different things.

Because I’d been on antibiotics for a week, there wasn’t any problem to be found and the whole appointment took less time than I’m used to spending in a dentist’s chair.  On the whole, I preferred this kind of exam to a city exam, and the cost, including X-rays, was only $67.  I could get used to that!  🙂

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