A visit to the ER

I have been trying to get over my illness all week.  I’ll spare you the details of the kind of illness I have, but I got medication for it at the Urgent Care Center on Tuesday after we got out of orientation.

This morning I almost lost breakfast, but I continued to eat it anyway knowing that it would be four hours till my first break.  I got to work and got training on a job I’ve been looking forward to all week.  As I tried to carry it out the first couple hours of the day, I was slower than I wanted to be because I kept feeling nauseated.  I went to the bathroom and felt so bad that when I came back I told my trainer that I wasn’t feeling well.  She had my manager escort me to the nurse’s station and she went to find Mark.  The nurse took my vitals and asked me a few questions and then typed a note in her computer.  That established my reason for leaving early.  Mark got my stuff and got me into the car.  Then he said, “We aren’t playing around with this any more.  I’m taking you to the hospital.”  I said, “I won’t fight you on this one.”  I was feeling really bad.

When we first got into the ER, there were only about one or two people there.  After I was triaged, there was a long wait for a bed.  In the meantime, the lobby began filling up.  There were at least two other women that looked worse off than me, and when the orderly finally came to get me, I said so, but he said it would be okay.  Those women would be taken care of in the order of the severity of their health needs.

I was taken into a room and one of the first things the nurse did was draw blood and put me on an IV.  She gave me something for the nausea.  Then Mark and I waited for a long, long time for something to happen.  Finally a man came in and transported me to a room where I had a CT scan done of my abdomen.  When I was taken back to my room there was another long wait for the doctor to come in.  He did an exam and said that the blood tests came back fine and the CT scan showed something that should be easily fixable with medication, so he gave me a prescription.  I think we were there from about 10:00 am to 5:00 pm!

Mark took me home first, then went to the Walmart pharmacy to get my prescriptions filled.  I still am not very hungry.  All-in-all today I’ve had yogurt and cereal, two soda crackers, a banana, and a package of graham crackers and milk.  Today was the last day of this work week.  I have till next Tuesday to get better so I can finally show Amazon what I can do.  Prayers would be welcome!

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