Another trip to the ER

Last night, I went to the bathroom before going to bed and I came out to ask Mark if he’d thrown some old coffee out in the toilet. He said “No” and I kind of laughed. I wasn’t laughing this morning when it happened again.

Mark took me to the ER and because he couldn’t come in with me, I told him to get on with his day and I’d call him when they released me.

I was taken to a bed in the ER and they asked if I could give them a sample. I took their cup and went to the bathroom and came back with what looked like coffee. They took a couple of tubes of the sample and told me that if I had an infection, they would send me home with antibiotics, but if it was blood, they would do a CT scan. A little while later, they came and got blood samples from me. A long while later, they took me to do a CT scan.

An hour or more after that, the ER doctor came in to see me. He said that they couldn’t see anything in the CT scan that would explain the blood in my urine. He sent me home with strict orders to follow up with a urologist whose name and phone number he gave me. All told, I was in the ER for about four hours. I called and left a message on the urologist’s voicemail asking if I can get an appointment on Monday. I probably won’t hear back from him until Monday morning at the earliest.

I’m not in a great deal of pain, just a little discomfort, like having cramps. I feel fine otherwise. This isn’t normally the kind of thing I would blog about since it’s a little indelicate, but I didn’t want to have to explain it over and over. The doctor said that it might just go away on its own, but a few prayers from you folks wouldn’t hurt either. ;-/

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