Sick and tired

Saturday at work I thought my throat was dry so I kept drinking water.  By Saturday evening I realized I had a sore throat.  Sunday morning I woke up with swollen glands and a sore throat so we stayed home all day.  Monday we also stayed home and rested, but it was obvious I wasn’t getting any better so I knew I wouldn’t be in to work on Tuesday.

Tuesday Mark came in to check on me mid-morning and said that Miss Rose (our affectionate name for my boss) told him the Tok clinic takes walk-ins, so he told me to be dressed and ready when he took lunch at 2:00.  By the time I went in to see the doctor, I had the sore throat, a headache, a plugged but runny nose, fatigue, and a slight temperature (99.8).  The doctor examined me and said it might be strep throat, so she gave me a shot and told me to come back today.

Today (Wednesday) Mark again took me to the doctor.  At least I had no fever today and my white blood count was a little lower, but other than that nothing had changed.  This time she had chest x-rays taken and she gave me a few minutes of breathing through a gizmo that turned a medication for my lungs into a fog that I breathed in.  I can’t remember the name of it at the moment.  She’s now working on the theory that I might have pneumonia and she prescribed some medication for me.

I think I’ll go back to bed now…

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