Meeting interesting people

One thing about traveling to new areas is meeting new people.  Last night, Friday, Mark and I went out to dinner at Fast Eddies.  We got our food and then said grace over it.  As we were eating, the man at the next table came over and told us he was glad to see us pray over our food.

Turns out he’s a Baptist minister from Ontario, Canada.  His name is Len Crow.  He’s a real cowboy.  He told us he does horse riding to raise money for orphanages in Mexico, Cambodia, Philippines, Guatemala, and India.  He did a ride from Texas to Alaska and is currently on a ride from Ontario to Alaska.  His wife drives a truck with a horse trailer and they meet up at the end of the day.  Last night he was going to be staying in back of a gas station.

He also handed us a book of poetry he’s written called From the Corner of My Corral.  It’s a thin booklet of Christian poetry, four lines per stanza, not necessarily in meter or rhyme.  If you’d be interested in looking him up, check out his web site at

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