Sleep, blessed sleep!

We had heard that Amazon was going to serve a holiday meal at 12:45 today, but we were scheduled to leave at 11:00 so we didn’t think we’d be able to participate.  However, when we walked to the break room to get our coats and lunch box, the meal was already prepared and the caterers were standing around waiting for people to come and eat it.  They said we could have it then, and we were so hungry we took them up on it.

Our co-trainees, Paige and Bob, joined us.  The break room was practically empty and quiet, so we sat and visited while we ate.  Paige asked, “Did I hear you say you used to be a librarian?”  Somehow the conversation came to my time in Mexico, and I really got into telling some of those old stories.  I like Paige and Bob.  Bob reminds me so much of my cousin, Dave Brim.  His last name is Riewe, if any of the Brim’s know of a connection there.

We had the full meal deal: turkey and ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, vegetables, a roll, and pie.  It was all very good.  Then we made the forty minute drive home.  I don’t know if it was the tryptophan from the turkey or the fact that Mark has been too stuffed up to sleep well for the last several nights, but he kept fighting falling asleep on the way home.  Every time I’d catch him shaking his head to try to stay awake, I’d sing another verse of 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall because I knew it irritated him (in a playful way) and it helped him stay awake.

When we got home, I suggested he lie down and take a nap.  The idea appealed to him, so he went in and laid down on the bed.  He didn’t close the door and he didn’t even take his glasses off.  Kimba lying on his chest and then jumping off didn’t disturb him.  Whatever noises I made didn’t disturb him.  He was out for three and a half hours!  I just hope he’ll be able to sleep through the night now, because tomorrow we’re back to a ten hour day at work.

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