Time off for good behavior :-)

Today and tomorrow we are working half days because the day we came in for orientation wasn’t one of our scheduled days.  This is a good thing!

My medications are beginning to help, but I’m not out of the woods yet.  I felt well during my half day today and my performance was much improved.  Even with that, Mark ran circles around me, and that was even with his feet hurting!

We were ravenous when we got off work, so we stopped at McDonalds and had lunch.  On our way home we stopped at Walmart and got some knee pads that will wrap around our knees.  Mark keeps losing the knee pad he borrows from the work place.

When we got home, I stayed here and started fixing Stuffed Egg Plant.  The recipe was a lot more complicated than I had expected, but it smells good in the crock pot.

While I was here being domestic, Mark finally went and got registered at the VA here.  He got right in and told him about how stuffed up he’s been for probably the last couple months.  It has made sleep difficult for him too.  The doctor said it sounds like allergies and gave him medications to help his sinuses stay open.  Now if I could just find out why I’ve been coughing and sneezing for the last month even though I know I don’t have a cold.  🙁

Mark went from there to a store that specializes in sore feet.  They took an impression of his feet and then gave him some arch supports to try on.  He said that standing with the arch supports, he was pain free for the first time in ages, so he bought them.  He’s supposed to slowly work up to wearing them for a full day.  I look forward to him being pain free!

We’ll have a half day again tomorrow, so that will give my medications that much longer to take effect before I have another full day.  It will also give Mark a chance to build up to more time that he can use his new arch supports.  We sound like a couple decrepit old folks, don’t we?  😉

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