Birthday in Tombstone

Thank you to those of you who have asked after Mark’s health. This morning, I had him scheduled for a one-hour massage, and when next I saw him, he was looking very mellow. He said that the massage therapist worked on his wrist, which has been hurting since his fall, and it feels much better.

Then we grabbed a couple of bottles of water and drove down to Tombstone for the day. We got there in time for lunch at the Crystal Palace, where Wyatt Earp ran Faro games. (We learned today that Faro has been made illegal because the wins are 64% in favor of the house.)

I had to turn this picture sepia-toned so that you can see the bullet hole in the ceiling. We overheard someone say there are a number of bullet holes in the ceiling, but this one was closest to where we were sitting on the second floor.
For the first time since we’ve been going to Tombstone, we decided to go into the Cochise County Courthouse Museum and look around. There’s always something new to do every time we go down.
The jails were cages.
The courtroom has been refurbished to look as it did in 1909.
There was a lot of information about the Gunfight at the OK Corral. As it turns out, the gunfight wasn’t actually at the OK Corral. It was in a vacant lot on the other side of a building from the entrance to the OK Corral and it spilled out into the street, but the moniker has stuck.
We walked down the street and went into some of the shops that took our fancy.
Mark bought this Harley-Davidson T-shirt to commemorate this birthday trip.
Selfie in front of the Bird Cage Theatre. We had wanted to get an old-timey photo taken of us, but the photographer was closing up shop when we got there.
So instead, we got gelato. Mark got butter pecan and enjoyed it very much!
I got lemon gelato. It was refreshing after a warm day!

We left Tombstone when everything started to close up and headed into the sinking sun. When we got home, I baked Mark a little birthday cake.

The cake was still hot when I put the candle in and the wax melted!
I lit the candle and sang Happy Birthday to my 68-year-old husband!
He made a wish and blew the candle out…
…and proclaimed the cake delicious!

Happy birthday, Sweetie!

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