Women’s Hawaiian lunch

I had volunteered, about a month ago, to be on a planning committee for some events at my church, and the first one was a Hawaiian-themed lunch after church today. The pastor’s wife, Allie, and I collaborated on decorations and she ordered a couple kinds of meat and then the women brought salads and side dishes and desserts.

Last night, Mark and I went in after a meeting at the church and got things straightened up for the service this morning and hung up some decorations we had gotten.

The only decoration we got was the colorful garland at the top. Allie put the rest of the things up.

I brought a pineapple, but I did some research on pineapples last night and found this on Pinterest:

The Pineapple Peeling “Hack”

  • Roll the pineapple on your kitchen counter. Be firm, but not too firm as you want to break up the various fruits inside to make them easier to pull apart.I’m not sure how helpful it is to do this before removing the crown vs. before and after or just after. So, for the sake of making things easiest for myself, I do both.
  • Remove the pineapple top (crown). You can do this by grabbing it at the base and pulling, though sometimes this can be tricky. Alternatively, use your small knife and, rather than simply chopping all the way around the top, press it in-between the eye going all the way around the pineapple, and it should then be easy to pull apart.You could also chop the entire top off, but then you’ll have to deal with removing individual fruits (the eyes) that are cut in half, to begin with, which could make things trickier.
  • You can optionally roll the pineapple over the surface again to loosen the fruit. Then, it’s time to pull it apart. Rather than simply pulling on the individual pieces, I’ve found it easy to push lightly at the base of each eye to separate it from its surrounding pieces and then pull it to remove it.Repeat this step until you’ve removed as much as you want or have done so with the entire pineapple and enjoy immediately or store for later.1

I also found out that there is an enzyme in pineapple called Bromelain that breaks down proteins which causes the mouth-burning problems I’ve always had from eating too much pineapple. They suggested that you soak the whole pineapple in salt water overnight or cook it to get rid of the Bromelain. If you use the salt water method, be sure to rinse the salt off in the morning.

I had meant to take pictures during the lunch this afternoon, but I was so busy, I didn’t get the chance. Besides the food, we also had a couple of games that Allie came up with. There were little conversation starters at each table and then there was a MadGabs game. There would be a string of words like “Peas Beast ill” and you would have to say them outloud, preferably with a British accent, to figure out what the actual phrase was. For instance, “Peas Beast ill” is “Peace be still”.

Here are some more for you to try:

  • Butcher Hoe Pink Odd
  • Lettuce Fax Horizon Gee Sis
  • Mile Hoard End Mike Odd
  • Bay Being A Main Jar
  • Donut Beacon Formed Tooth Is Swirled
  • Sack Eye Yes Tacks Call Hector
  • Heap Rues
  • Hick Lazy Has Teas
  • Prod Eagles On

Figure out as many of them as you can and tell me what you think they are. I’ll give the answers next time I write.

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