I come to the garden alone

The dedication for the new garden at my church, NW Community Friends Church, is tomorrow, and I’m hoping to make it there; but I got my booster shot today and, not knowing how I’ll feel tomorrow, I decided I’d better get some pictures today. If I’m able, I’ll try to get pictures at the dedication.

Frances Cline Memorial Garden…Tomorrow morning, Mark will be putting a ribbon between the two cacti on either side of the path on the right and someone will cut the ribbon at the dedication ceremony.

Frances Cline was a member of the church who died sometime before we arrived in Tucson last year. She had no direct heirs, so she donated her home to the church in her will. Mark and I were both involved in helping the church get her house cleaned up last winter. For my part, I was granted the ability to take as many of her craft supplies as I wanted. She had done some sewing, so I got some sewing supplies and books. She was actually a jill-of-all-trades. If you can think of a craft, she probably did it. I picked up some leatherwork she’d done and gave it to Mark. I guess she also did some ceramic work as well.

The church has set stones naming the fruits of the Spirit along the path, and they have put at least one small object from Frances’s home next to each stone. I’m going to play a little game with you. I will tell you how many objects to look for, and you see if you can identify the objects. Send me an email and list the objects next to the fruit of the Spirit they are by.

Two objects
One object – you can see the side of the church behind this stone as a frame of reference.
Two objects – this is a little tricky because you are seeing them from above and they may be difficult to identify, but give it your best shot!
One object
One object that is different from all the others. You might almost miss that it is an object, and if you can see it, you may have a difficult time identifying it because it’s so small! Don’t you just love a challenge?
Two objects
One object
Three objects if you count the Toad House to the right. That’s the only thing I’m going to tell you!
One object – this, too, might be tricky to identify since you are looking head-on at it, but try to make an educated guess.

I will post the answers tomorrow if I’m well enough.

This is in the little shelter near the end of the path. There are two cement benches, one on either side, where you can sit and contemplate. Frances Cline’s name is on the right.
Frances loved succulents and she had pots of them all around her house. This was one of them.

When the church got her house cleaned up, they sold it. I believe they used some of the money to pay for this garden. Frances had tried to create a garden on this side of the church when she was alive, so it seemed like the perfect way to honor her and all the other members who have gone on before us.

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