NW Community Friends Church – then and now

On May 10, 2010, an arsonist torched the NW Community Friends Church in Tucson, AZ. It is for this reason that the church lets us live behind the building when we are here. They are happy to have someone on the property at night to keep watch on things and they built several RV spots behind the church so that RVers could stay here.

I found this video on YouTube from after the fire which is what inspired me to write this post:

That was then, this is now:

NW Community Friends Church with the mountains behind. The shade on the right side covers a very nice playground.
The sanctuary front
Pastor Adam and his wife, Allie, and one of their twins (I can’t tell which), one of their 4 boys!
The “Welcome” wall in the sanctuary
The library with a display of Quaker dolls and other memorabilia

Mark and I love living here. It’s peaceful and there is beauty all around us. The sun rises over the mountains and sets in front of the church. Mark and Tucson patrol the building before bed every night, checking that doors and windows are locked all the way around. Mark is slowly turning the desert around the church into a park. We are able to be involved in church activities and volunteer to help with various things. The people are friendly Friends. 😉 It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement and we feel so blessed to be here!

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