Filling in

One of the regulars from Housekeeping was out today, so Mark and I were assigned to cover her day.  I thought that the two of us would get the work of one person done in half the time.  That didn’t end up being the case.

If you saw my place, you’d never know it, but I am a perfectionist when it comes to work.  I am one of those types that would use a toothbrush to scrub the floor.  So this morning I was down on my hands and knees a lot trying to clean the lower walls and the floor of the shower stalls.  When I’d finish, I’d put my left foot on the floor to rise to a standing position.  I began to get twinges, and by lunch time, I knew I had pulled something.  By the time we got to the Housekeeping office for lunch, I was limping.

I told my boss, Mary Beth, about it and she asked if I needed to go home and rest, but I can’t do that on my second day on the job, especially when she’s already short staffed.  I told her if she had some Ibuprofen or something, I could keep going.  Not only did she give me something for the pain, but she also rigged up a scrubber so I didn’t have to bend over to scrub the floor.  I don’t trust that method to get the dirt and hair as well, but for the time being I am grateful not to have to bend over.

At any rate, between that and trying to find all the places on our list to clean, the two of us took as long as the woman would have.  Of course, she’s been working here ten and a half years, so she probably has a much better idea what she’s doing.

The other big event of the day was that Mark got his Harley back from the repair shop after work.  We had driven the truck to get it, so I was following in the truck on the way back.  It was great to see how happy he was.  How do I know he’s happy when he’s ahead of me and has a full helmet on?  I can tell because he weaves back and forth in his lane so he can lean from side to side.  It’s his way of playing at it.  He is a complete man again, and I laughed as I watched him reveling in his ride!

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