First day on the job

We had only been working half a day when our boss, Mary Beth, asked Mark if he was sure he wanted to work in Wisconsin next summer.  This was because she found out his background is in security and she could use a good security person next summer!  We assured her we still plan to go back to Wisconsin.

For the first few days, Mary Beth is having us work the day shift, from 8:00 to 4:30, so we can learn from the housekeeping staff before we work by ourselves in the evenings.  We started out this morning by stocking our golf cart with all the cleaning supplies we think we might need.  Then a woman named Letty took us over to the fitness center and asked us to wash the windows around the indoor pool and clean the machines in the cardio room upstairs.

If you go to Sun N Fun’s Facebook page, you can see the windows overlooking the outdoor pool.  The lower windows are the ones we started out cleaning.  We got all the windows cleaned on the inside, but that took the better part of the morning.  We found that the windows were so hot, we had to work quickly in tandem before the cleaner dried on them.  I used a mop to wash the windows, and Mark immediately squeegeed them and wiped them down with a rag.  By the time we had finished the insides of the windows, we had forty minutes left till lunch, so we held off on the outsides.

Instead, we went upstairs and began cleaning the treadmills that overlook the pool from the upper windows.  We finished just that row and then went to lunch.  Several of us had lunch together in the housekeeping office, so I got to talk with a couple other women.  Most of them have been working here for anywhere from two to ten years.  I think many of them are here year round.  They had a lot of good things to say about Mary Beth and about working here.  I was encouraged!

We had hoped to work on the outside windows after lunch, but Mary Beth asked us to hold off on that.  For one thing, we had pointed out to her several wasp and mud dauber nests outside and she wanted to spray them before we worked out there.

Instead, we went back up to the cardio room to clean.  Mark and I had to go to physical therapy a number of years ago in Oregon City, and that was my only real experience of working out in a gym.  The cardio room itself is maybe a little smaller than that gym, but I do believe it has more equipment.  It took us all but the last forty-five minutes of the day to clean all those machines.  We also swept the floor and cleaned the stair rail up to the cardio room.  When we were done, I was proud of the job we’d done.

Cleaning the fitness center is not going to be part of our regular work, I don’t think.  Usually, another young man on the staff takes care of that, but even though he was here today, he had been gone for a couple days and needed help catching up.

For the last forty-five minutes, we went back to the housekeeping office and restocked our cart and did some cleaning in the office.  We were a little bit sore at the end of the day, but tonight we went to the hot tub.  That could become a tradition on work nights!


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