Working with Mark

There really isn’t enough work for two people in the office these days, so this morning Rose asked if I’d like to help Mark with cleaning the bathrooms and the laundry rooms.  I jumped at the chance to work with him.  We got everything cleaned, including over at the gas station that’s affiliated with our park, before time for me to cover my co-worker’s lunch. 

When she got back and we had lunch, I asked her how it was going and she said it was really slow.  I asked if she’d mind me working with Mark this afternoon and she said “no”.  What Mark generally does in the afternoons is landscaping.  There are 156 camp sites that have generally grown pretty wild.  All summer Mark has been going site by site and pruning the lower branches on trees between sites so there’s room for RV slide outs to come out.  He’s also been taking out smaller trees or any trees that are growing too crowded together to be able to grow well.

Today as he was pruning trees in site 103, I picked up the branches that fell to the ground and loaded them into the back of the company pickup truck.  It’s a stick shift, which I haven’t driven in a while, but I volunteered to run the debris to the place in the woods where they dump it.  My first time out, the truck died several times and I backed into a tree, but the second time I started to get the knack of it.  I filled the back of the truck up five times, drove it out to the woods and unloaded it myself four times.  The fifth time Mark drove it out and helped me unload it.  He said I was a big help today!  🙂

As Mark was gathering his tools and cleaning up the site, I went into the office where Rose was now working the evening shift.  She took one look at how dirty I was and she said, “I only meant for you to help Mark with the cleaning this morning.  You didn’t have to help with the landscaping!”  I actually enjoyed getting out there and getting physical.  If I keep that up, maybe I’ll lose some of the weight I’ve put on here.  😉

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